Debby from Bulgaria – YourPost’s DNA

My name is Debora Dimitrova and most of my friends call me Debby. I am 22 years old Media and Entertainment student from Bulgaria. A few years ago I decided to study abroad and my first choice fell on Emmen where I studied International Business and Languages. Later, I decided to come in Leeuwarden to study Media. More

The gorgeous building of Gothic Revival style Saint Boniface Church

Leeuwarden is a place with an exciting history and future. Talking about bright future of the city in 2013 Leeuwarden was voted for European Capital of Culture for 2018. Therefore, this award is given to a city in which different events will be organized that can boost Leeuwarden visibility. More

The music band ‘We are Hunters’

LEEUWARDEN – Meet Bram Jensen who is 22 years old and a drummer of ‘We are Hunters’. The group consists of five members and a manager: Tim Bronmeijer – Guitar, Steven Grob – Guitar, Sven Lenssen – Bass guitar, Rico Neeter – Vocalist, Sander Damen – Manager. More

Blokhuispoort, the old jail of Leeuwarden is now the cultural heart of the city

LEEUWARDEN – Have you ever wondered how a real jail looks like or what is the atmosphere? Leeuwarden has been permanently inhabited since the 10th century and was granted town in 1435. Moreover, the city was liberated from German occupation during World War II and visitors can see lots of old buildings. One of them is the old jail of Leeuwarden: Blokhuispoort built in 1499 as a type of fort and was turned into a prison in 1580 used till 1995. More

Yoga classes in Leeuwarden

LEEUWARDEN – Meet Benny Rebergen who has always been fascinated by how a good interaction could be either at dinner with his parents or the positive impact of the time spend in the gym. This interest brought him to Amsterdam where he studied communication for three years and then later to Stenden University where he got his BBA in Hospitality. Today Benny is an entrepreneur here in Leeuwarden and teaching yoga and doing some coaching in his studio in Leeuwarden called ‘Adem in Yoga’ near the campus of Stenden University. More